Small Things of February

February has been nothing short of magical so far!

The month began with many wedding preparations leading up to the big day, and then the day itself. All the moments were incredible, and full of pure joy. These days are definitely stories for another blog post however, one which will arrive soon.

However, aside from these beautiful, weddingish moments, February has still shown me so much beauty.

  • On our wedding day, my now husband (how exciting it feels to be writing that!) gave me a ukulele! It was such a fun surprise to receive, however I feel as though my constant want to practice is causing him some regret. So far, I have just been learning how exactly to place my fingers and rearrange them for different chords; it requires more precision than I first understood. To my utter excitement, it turns out that Riptide by Vance Joy is an easy song for beginners to learn how to play, and so I have been practising at every given moment, and I’m getting there slowly. If only I could sing!
  • We watched the movie Pork Pie about two weeks ago, and although I wasn’t sure if I would like it beforehand, I walked out with a brand new favourite. It’s so wonderfully Kiwi, involves veganism as a rather large part of the plot, and made me laugh embarrassingly loudly. It’s beautifully light-hearted, and made me fall even deeper in love with the country I’m lucky to call home.

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  • I feel as though I have become a bit more confident this month. I am working on becoming more assertive, and am trying to find my inner duck (“like water on a duck’s back!”). Things, meaningless things, affect me so overly deeply and painfully, and I am now working very hard to believe that not everything that I over think influences my worth as a human. These are very trying times! However, I have found recently that I am not taking as many silly things as deeply to heart anymore, which is truly like a breath of fresh air.

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  • On our honeymoon, I got a necklace with the crystal Citrine on it. Crystals, and their meanings, bring me peace, and it also helps with keeping my hands busy. Citrine is a crystal of joy, of light, and of positive energy. It helps to reduce self-destruction, and is described as filling one with light.


  • I have just finished reading the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, and it was great! It’s good as a light read, for when you can’t concentrate very well, yet it’s still entertaining enough to keep you engaged.

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  • Some things I am looking forward to are university beginning again in two weeks, continuing with painting, writing poetry and moving into our new home.

Love & light,

Our Discoveries of Weddings

As our big day is drawing nearer, we are have made quite a few wedding discoveries that we never thought about before!


  • Delegation becomes vital. As somebody who is usually very resistant to letting other people help because the guilt is overwhelming, this was a very difficult lesson to learn. It’s impossible to be everywhere, doing everything at once, as much as that would appease my brain. When family and friends very kindly continue to offer to help, it’s okay to take them up on that. It’s okay to let go. It helped to put myself in their shoes; I love helping them and am honoured to do so, so reversing that is okay too.
  • Your house will begin to resemble a thrift shop crossed with a liquour store, crossed once again with a gardening centre. Maybe it’s because we live in a tiny studio apartment, so it’s kind of like we are living in the shambles of our deconstucted wedding.
  • Right before the wedding is not the best time to see if your gardening skills are up to scratch. We decided to buy various herbs to add a bit of greenery to the tables, and also they smell lovely! However, neither of us are graced with green fingers, and so as we believed that we were “loving” them by watering them every few hours, we have accidentally caused them much suffering and now can only hope for a full recovery.
  • The mood swings are chaotic! We both are fluctuating between stress/ irritation / crazy excitement, on a two hourly basis.
  • Before any proper planning had begun, I was so determined to not let the process and details consume us and our relationship. I was very big on the fact of it only being one day, and that I was much more looking forward to our marriage and life together. However, another fact is that really, nobody else was going to see it this way, as kind and well-meaning as they are. It is a very, very, big one day to all of us, and as it draws nearer, it becomes bigger so. It’s overwhelming, the expectations and financial strain, and in this way it is consuming. But it’s important to remember that there is an end date in sight, and that marriage, and a celebration with those you love around you, is all that is really important.
  • It’s okay to be excited for it, while simultaneously being excited for it to be over. We can’t wait to be married and to enjoy married life.
  • Doing things in a way thay makes you happy and is affordable is what really matters. It’s okay to not be able to afford fancy catering and a dj and a videographer and a fancy dress, and the rest of the never ending list! We got my dress online from a national website for $30, it’s worked out to be the cheapest part of our wedding, and I’m happy with it. We have limited alcohol and are doing our own flowers. Our ceremony is in a park, with the reception in a community hall, and all these details are special to us, because they are ours. Expectations of weddings are often over the top, and ridiculous, so just doing what works for you is the best way to do it. There is no right way to have a wedding.

Love & light,