There is always a reason for hope / This Week


This past week/weekish has been so busy, it feels as though everything is happening all at once.

We moved out of our old flat, it was an unhealthy situation for us to be in, and very gratefully into my parent’s home for the timebeing. It’s so lovely to be warm here, and to have as many doggy cuddles as we please. 

However, we won’t be here for very long as we have a new group, of wonderful and lovely flatmates that we are currently finding a place with. We are all friends, and it will be so healthy, and heaps of fun to live with them. They are also huge Harry Potter fans, just like we are. We are so thankful for them; the right thing seems to pop up in life just when you need it!

We are so very excited at the moment, because we have offically started working towards our next goal; saving for our own home. We have it all planned out and put a certain amount of money aside each week. It’s really cool to watch what you work hard for grow.

Currently I’m feeling very swamped with university, it’s crunch time where classes end next week and it feels as though everything is due all at once. I have also been working almost every night after university, which helps keep me productive, but is also stressful because I just want to sleep. For a very long time. I think once I make it through tomorrow things will be a little easier, as one more assignment (and one that’s been stressing me out at that) will be all done and dusted.

Lately I have been feeling kind of powerful, or maybe determined is the right word, but in my own life to be the best I can be. After so many years living in self destruction it’s honestly such a strange thing to experience, but it’s so exciting too. With all this stress that’s been about lately, often my mind reverts back to it’s old ways, but I am learning now when it’s making silly, destructive suggestions. I’m now trying my best to rest when I need to, to take breaks, to eat what and when I need to, and to talk to people. It feels so good. Who would have guessed?

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I’m learning that my past no longer serves me, nor the person I want to become. I’m trying to learn how to break free from that. Rupi Kaur’s beautiful words have definitely been helping.

The other day it was a friend’s birthday, and all my friends were eating cupcakes to celebrate. They weren’t vegan, and my legs were shaking, but I joined in, and I’m proud of myself for doing so. It’s these small, silly parts from the past that keep looming up, but they are on the way out. It’s onwards and upwards to better things from here.

Love & light,



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